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Hello Everyone,

There are a few new things we need to get out of the way in the coming weeks.

First on the menu is the new guild lotto. This will be an ongoing affair within the guild (married folks dont worry its not that kind of affair) You will need to contact Omgwee and pay for the numbers you want. Every week we will post the new jackpot total under the Lotto section of the forums, and at the end of the weeks we will post the winning numbers and the lucky person who won.

The expansion is upon us and I want us to be as ready as possible for launch. I am setting up a new forum post labelled Classes of WotLK. I would like for everyone to post what class they intend to make their main for the expac. I only want this as an idea of what classes we are going to have available to us, so please choose the class/spec you enjoy playing the most and do not worry about what the guild needs, we will work everything out.

Finally everyone I would like for us all to express our views on what our goals for the expac will be. There is a new forum labelled 25 vs 10. I would like for us to discuss our views/opinions about what type of raiding we want to do for the expansion. I myself and neutral, I enjoy playing the game with you all and I want us to do what is most enjoyable for everyone. So please put your opinions in on the forums.

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